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We inspire and enable business, working together and with stakeholders, to lead the way to accelerate smart linkage between urban and rural territories.

Diversity Research

Research methods to develop regions and industries research reports, business environmental profiles, company profile, benchmarking analysis and short research summaries. 


In a changing world, we share knowledge to help business leaders and new entrepreneurs create new work and experience strategies that transform their organizations. 

Project Development

Project development aims to transform the results of our research into feasible and sustainable projects. We also add creativity and provide direction in all development stages.

Design Thinking

A universal methodology used to improve business, create new projects and allowing a change of mindset in response to the most complex issues we face today.

Smart Advice is a modern research and consulting team focused on knowledge sharing, sustainable economy and business transformation.

We know that entrepreneurs, business owners and investors spend so much time and effort in managing their business and investments that they can hardly keep up with the latest industry trends, market prospects and other useful information.

We can provide a valuable service. We believe that having access to the correct information, on time, for your business, produces insights that are not merely valuable, but that revolutionize the positioning of your business.

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